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VII International Paediatric Neurology Course “New Horizons in Diagnosis and Treatment of Paediatric Neurogenetic Diseases. Santiago, Chile

Jonathan Picker speaks on 1. - Advances in genetics of autism 2. - Genetic diagnosis in intellectual disabilities and 3. - Novel genetic treatment in developmental conditions.

4 - 5 August, 2017
2017 GFPD Scientific Conference: The Development of Targeted Therapies for Peroxisome Biogenesis Disorders.

Jonathan Picker speaks on "Small molecule therapies for inherited intellectual disabilities"

13 - 14 July, 2017
Harvard Medical School office of Global & continuing Education film

Jonathan Picker speaks on Pharmacogenomics and the application of genetics to precision medicine

15 May, 2017
The 4th Annual Emerging World of the Industry Pharmacists: The Rise of Rare Diseases and its Growing Impact on Healthcare

Jonathan Picker speaks on Improving the treatment of common disorders. Insights from rare diseases for drug development, both novel and repurposed.

19 April, 2017 MCPHS University, Boston

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Seminar’. Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Harvard Medical School

5 April, 2017

Jonathan Picker speaks on Fragile X disorders focused on the associated infertility with potential therapeutic directions based on evolving understanding of the molecular pathology


Signature Programme in Health Services and Systems Research Duke-NUS Medical School / Duke Health Bridging Symposium Population health and Precision Medicine: different paths to a shared goal

28 March, 2017

Delivery of Precision Medicine in Singapore Saumya Shekhar Jamuar - Consultant, Department of Paediatrics Genetics Services KK Women's and Children's Hospital Co-founder Global Gene Corp


Talk on The MECOM delta - navigating a complex genomic and cultural maze by Dr. Jonathan Picker

13 December, 2016 Harvard Medical School

illumina webinar series: Dr Saumya Jamuar discussed his work on somatic mutations in neurological disorders

Webinar Series

Dr. Saumya Jamuar spoke on clinical applications of next generation sequencing, along with top 23 experts, at the NGS Asia Speaker conference 2016

11 October, 2016 Singapore
Dr. Saumya Jamuar, discusses his Somatic Mutation and Neurogenetics Research on MiSeq Friday, 6th May, 2016 1:00 pm (AU) | 3:00 pm (NZ) |11:00 am (SG) | 8:30 am (India)
Discussion on Fragile X with Dr. Jonathan Picker 12th Apr 2014 KEM Hospital, Mumbai
An explanation of fragile X and it's relevance at a patient, family and population level was reviewed. This review included when and how to test as well as current physical, educational and psychological treatments. The implications on fertility and late onset neurological disease in carrier family members was discussed as were current turneries and research trials directly targeting the abnormal biochemistry of the disorder.
Talk on Genetics in Clinical Practice by Dr. Jonathan Picker 28 Nov 2013 IIT Bombay
With the realisation of the human genome project, there has been a paradigm shift in thinking. No longer are we focused on decoding the genome but rather on using it. Superficially, whole genome sequencing for everybody would seem to be the goal but reading the sequence is not the same as understanding it. Pitfalls in interpretation suggest a more refined approach is needed.