Moonshot For Life: Democratising healthcare through genomics
September 5, 2019

Our CEO Sumit Jamuar talks to Moonshot For Life about our moonshot: building a truly global genome to bring the promise of precision medicine to all.

“When it first started, The Human Genome Project was based data from a handful of people with majority European ancestry. Today we know that there is incredible genetic variation all over the world, and that this impacts on health. Now the scientific community has started considering the human genome not as a fixed ‘gold standard’ but instead see it as an evolving global genome, full of variations that should be taken into account when developing diagnostics and therapies…

We believe that the benefits of the revolution in healthcare should be available to all. We also believe that access to affordable, cutting edge healthcare is a fundamental right. We want to bring the benefits of precision healthcare to everyone, wherever they live and wherever they come from.”

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