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The vast majority of genomic data used to develop precision healthcare doesn’t represent global genetic diversity

Our vision is to bring the benefits of precision healthcare to everyone, no matter where they live or where they come from.

We founded Global Gene Corp to address what we believe is the most important challenge to delivering effective precision healthcare to a global market: the lack of diversity in the genomic datasets used to inform the development of novel diagnostics and therapies.

Genetic makeup affects all aspects of health – from the risk of disease to how quickly the body breaks down drugs – and this information is increasingly being used as the basis for new tests and treatments.

Yet the vast majority of genomic data comes solely from people with white European ancestry, with 60% of the world’s population represented by less than 5% of current datasets. This means that most of the world’s population could be missing out on vital healthcare innovations based on genetic information.

We’re working with organisations around the world to collect and analyse diverse genomic and medical datasets, using patent-pending algorithms to provide unique insights and technology platforms for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and more.

The human genome is a global genome. Find out more about our vision and work on our blog and follow us on Twitter.



Global Gene Corp brings together an outstanding blend of industry experts and leading research scientists.

We are working with global partners including research institutions, healthcare providers, national governments, and the pharmaceutical and healthcare technology sectors to deliver insights and value for precision healthcare.

We are actively seeking new partners across all sectors – contact us to find out more.

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Leadership Team

  • Jonathan
    Dr. Jonathan Picker
    Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

    Dr. Jonathan Picker is a co-founder of Global Gene Corp. He is a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and a clinical geneticist at Boston's Children's Hospital.

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  • Sumit
    Sumit Jamuar
    Chairman & CEO

    Sumit Jamuar is the Chairman & CEO of Global Gene Corp. Mr. Jamuar brings rich expertise in creating, transforming and turning around businesses and is responsible for driving the long-term strategy, partnerships and overall vision at Global Gene Corp.

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  • Saumya
    Dr. Saumya Jamuar
    Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

    Dr. Saumya Jamuar is a co-founder of Global Gene Corp and currently a Visiting Scientist at Harvard Medical School, US.

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  • Kushagra
    Yaron Turpaz
    Chief Data & Technology Officer, and Managing Director

    Dr. Yaron Turpaz is a proven research and development Informatics, data sciences and technology leader in the biotech and pharma space with hands on experience using cloud based high throughput computational and genomics platforms for drug discovery and development applications in precision medicine.

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  • Kushagra
    Kushagra Sharma
    Chief Operating Officer

    Kushagra Sharma is the Chief Operating Officer at Global Gene Corp. A seasoned business leader with a career spanning entrepreneurship as well as general management, Mr. Sharma has deep expertise in developing and executing business plans in start-ups as well as large corporations. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and revenue growth of the business, strategic planning, partnerships and service delivery at Global Gene Corp.

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