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Solving the high-fidelity genomics data challenge: 60% of the world’s population comprises <5% of available genomics data.

We are an innovative genomics data platform and applications company, paving the way for delivery of precision healthcare.

We believe that for the development of precision healthcare, the right set of genomics data and technologies will be critical. The currently available data is not enough to serve the purpose of developing truly precision medicine solutions. Our genomics data platform solves this challenge for researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare service providers globally.

Our patent-pending algorithms and processes are focused on developing insights for health and disease based on personal medical history and genomic data-sets.


Come join us in our endeavour to democratize precision healthcare.

Global Gene Corp offers an outstanding mix of industry experts and scientists. We are working with leading global institutions to deliver value for precision healthcare and are actively seeking partners in academia, global pharmaceutical industry, healthcare service providers and healthcare technology providers.

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Leadership Team

  • Jonathan
    Dr. Jonathan Picker
    Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

    Dr. Jonathan Picker is a co-founder of Global Gene Corp. He is a faculty member at Harvard Medical School and a clinical geneticist at Boston's Children's Hospital.

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  • Sumit
    Sumit Jamuar
    Chairman & CEO

    Sumit Jamuar is the Chairman & CEO of Global Gene Corp. Mr. Jamuar brings rich expertise in creating, transforming and turning around businesses and is responsible for driving the long-term strategy, partnerships and overall vision at Global Gene Corp.

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  • Saumya
    Dr. Saumya Jamuar
    Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

    Dr. Saumya Jamuar is a co-founder of Global Gene Corp and currently a Visiting Scientist at Harvard Medical School, US.

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  • Kushagra
    Yaron Turpaz
    Chief Data & Technology Officer, and Managing Director

    Dr. Yaron Turpaz is a proven research and development Informatics, data sciences and technology leader in the biotech and pharma space with hands on experience using cloud based high throughput computational and genomics platforms for drug discovery and development applications in precision medicine.

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  • Kushagra
    Kushagra Sharma
    Chief Operating Officer

    Kushagra Sharma is the Chief Operating Officer at Global Gene Corp. A seasoned business leader with a career spanning entrepreneurship as well as general management, Mr. Sharma has deep expertise in developing and executing business plans in start-ups as well as large corporations. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and revenue growth of the business, strategic planning, partnerships and service delivery at Global Gene Corp.

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  • Shalendra
    Shalendra Porwal
    President – Institutional Sales

    Shalendra Porwal is the President – Institutional Sales at Global Gene Corp. A research and technology expert, Mr. Porwal brings extensive expertise and experience in institutional sales and applying & commercializing intellectual property (IP). He has broad knowledge of diverse technological areas and is adept in the business and financial aspects of setting up and growing businesses. His knowledge of science and technology, business and political climates, business rules and regulations, tax incentives for R&D, and bureaucracy in India and the U.S. is admirable. He also has extensive experience in B2B business development spanning consumer goods to industrial products. At Global Gene Corp, he is responsible for protecting, marketing and commercializing intellectual property working alongside the in-house R&D team.

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